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Tips for Creating your Liquor Bottle Sticker (Custom Label)


Selecting a good bottle label material and size are very important decisions when creating a personalized bottle. So, too, are the design and application processes. With that in mind, we've compiled some tips to help you through the bottle labeling process.

Choosing a Bottle Label Material

If you're labeling liquor, such as E-juice, Beverage, Wine, there's a chance your bottle will end up in a fridge or cooler. You want your label to stand up to whatever conditions it comes into contact with. Many of our labels are weatherproof, which designed to resist water and keep your design looking great. For moisture and liquid protection, choose from these materials:


Clear Matte

For an elegant look, Charmza’s weatherproof clear matte labels are sure to impress. They let your surface color show through while still allowing text or images to be readable. The durable material has a powerful adhesive that works well on a variety of surfaces.

White Matte

Charmza’s weatherproof white matte material has one of the strongest adhesives that we offer and is the perfect material for any bottle that may come into contact with ice, water, or moisture. It's tear-resistant and can easily adhere to surfaces such as metal, plastic, and glass.


White Gloss

The gloss label material will produce photo-quality results, making it the perfect label material for printing pictures or high-resolution images. It's extremely water and tear resistant yet also flexible.

Metallic Silver

The brushed silver finish on our metallic foil labels is perfect for use in an elegant or decorative setting. The permanent adhesive backing is water-resistant and durable, ready to stand up to a night in the cooler or extreme temperatures.


Clear Gloss

Get that "no-label look" with our durable, weatherproof clear gloss label. Its permanent adhesive is extra strong and will stick to most surfaces. Plus, its special top coat won't let ink run, smear, or smudge when submerged in ice or water.



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